When it comes to online shopping things aren’t always a walk in the park. There’s so many things that can be running through your head such as not knowing which size is yours and then you may not be sure what color is best for you. Next, you’re worried about the product not shipping to you in time for the event you’re buying it for, and finally you do not even know how to wash and properly take care of the product once you finally have it in your hands.


The list of things we worry and think about goes on when it comes to online shopping. Here at Ola Lily, we understand these things that can and will come up while you’re online shopping, that’s why we put this guide together to best walk you through the process of shopping with us online so that your online shopping experience runs as smooth as possible. 


The first thing you want to do when shopping online with Ola Lily is check out our size chart on the homepage of our website. The size chart is a resource for you to determine which bikini will best fit you. Our size chart runs based on sizes in the United States and shows the measurements for both tops and bottoms. One tip that you want you to keep in mind is that our bikinis come with adjustable straps, therefore it is best to choose a bikini that is closest to your size even if it is not your exact size but our adjustable straps will make it a perfect fit. 


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The second thing you want to do when you shop online with Ola Lily is decide which bikini bottoms fit is best for you. You have the options between our cheeky fit and g-string fit. We recommend the g-string fit for those who are looking to show off their curves and/or trying to aim for a dreamy tanline. On the other hand, we recommend the cheeky fit for those looking to show less skin while also making their legs look long and sexy! Don’t forget about our waterproof scrunchies that come in all colors to match perfectly with the bikini of your choice. 


The third thing you want to do when you shop online with Ola Lily is proceed to the checkout process. Once you’ve determined your size and filled your cart, the next step is to make your purchase so that your items can be delivered in no time! You will do this by clicking “place your order” and typing in your payment and shipping details. You pay using debit, credit, PayPal, Venmo, or G Pay. You also find the many ways we accept payments on the homepage. Here at Ola Lily, we always aim to be flexible as possible when it comes to payment. That’s why we partner with Shop Pay, a payment processor that splits your total into monthly installments so that you can get your items delivered now and pay on it later. 


The final thing you want to do when you shop online with Ola Lily is check out our shipping policy and garment care section on our homepage. Our shipping policy best describes to you how we handle our shipments along with when and how you can expect to receive your products. Finally, our garment care section will explain how to best take care of your bikini once you receive it. It will walk you through how to wash and dry it in four simple steps.


Online shopping is meant to be an easy and convenient way for you to purchase items from wherever you are. With this guide, you no longer have to worry about what size, what colors, when it will ship, how to wash it or take care of it, and the ongoing list of things that run through your head when online shopping. You can finally put those worries to rest and feel at ease when you’re shopping online with Ola Lily.


What’s currently in your shopping cart from Ola Lily? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Lillian Grau

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