Labor Day is upon us! Aside from celebrating the U.S. and it’s recognition of the labor workforce, one of our favorite parts about Labor Day is the chance it gives us to unwind and relax on a Monday. Who would’ve ever thought we would be able to do such a thing on a Monday? We only get this opportunity a few times per year so when Labor Day comes around, you should prepare yourself to go into full relaxation mode because you deserve it. 

Relaxation is the ultimate self-care and everyone has their own way of doing it. For those who constantly have to have our mind going and thinking of things may consider a source of education for self-care. Something that can cater to their mind that has to be running while also relaxing in a location of your choice. This could be anything from reading a book, spend the day taking the sun, of course with your Ola Lily, listening to a podcast, watching a documentary or educational film, and more.

Our definition of relaxation has everything to do with self-care and relaxation and we believe the best and most rewarding way to give yourself this is in the following five ways:

  1. Getting some fresh air in silence is the first thing we suggest. Typically when most of us go outside on a regular day it’s to walk our dogs, get ready to go to work, or maybe start our morning workout. However, one thing we tend to notice about most people who do this is they always have earphones in their ears or they’re talking on a phone. Try listening to the birds chirping or the sound of an airplane flying over you.

  1. Go for a walk or a bike ride longer than normal. Typically when it comes to exercise we like to get in the 30-minutes to an hour that we promised ourselves that we would do every day but we don’t tend to go the extra mile. We suggest that you go the extra mile and notice the difference and the way you feel overall.

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  1. Jot everything that is going on in your head down. Unwinding is not the easiest when you have one too many things to focus on. We understand that it’s not always easy completely wiping out everything that is in our head especially if it’s something that we have to worry about or it’s bothering us. However, writing it down is always a method that tends to work. It makes us feel like we are getting everything out as if we are talking to our own private therapist about what’s going on in our lives.

  1. Indulge in a drink that makes you feel cozy. Getting cozy is the ultimate form of self-care as it relieves stress and relaxes our soul. Depending on what kind of climate you’re located in and your preference for weather, a warm beverage or a cold beverage may be cozy to you. Some suggestions we have for warm beverages are coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and cold beverages can be a smoothie, juice, or also coffee.

  1. The final way that you can relax this Labor Day and our absolute favorite way to relax is to simply take a nap. Who doesn’t like a good nap? You can argue that naps can sometimes make us feel groggy and confused when we wake up from it but the truth is, this has everything to do with how long we sleep. The best duration to take a nap is thirty minutes to an hour. Anything after that is when the grogginess will come in.

Never let a Labor Day pass without giving your mind and body the relaxation that it needs. To be frank, there’s plenty of holidays year-round where we get to have more than just one day off and we have time to make plans but on Labor Day, taking the relaxation route is the best way to go. Are you ready to give your mind and body the relaxation it deserves?

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In which way will you choose to relax this Labor Day? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dainiz Marin

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