One thing we love is that wearing our bikinis always tends to bring us together for a celebration! Rather that celebrating is a milestone in our lives, a special event, or simply celebrating being together and spending time with each other. As we know wearing your bikini calls for a celebration, we also know having a playlist to celebrate is just as important. 

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Music makes everything more fun and we know you can’t wait to add more songs to your playlist you already have going for the summer or if you haven’t already, throw your playlist together for the next gathering with friends! Because of this, we want to share with you five songs that you must listen to enjoy the rest of the summer.

  1. The song “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat and SZA must be on your playlist! This song was released right before the summer started and still remains a trending song on TikTok until this day! It’s a fun, hip song perfect for getting the girls together around the pool one last time before the summer ends, with your bikinis and cold drinks!
  2. The song “Todo De Ti” by Rauw Alejandro is a Latino pop hit that also became a trending song on TikTok and even made its way over to the U.S. market as Americans love jamming out to this song. The beat and the many dance moves you can put together to this song makes it one that needs to be on your playlist! 
  3. The song “Peaches” by Justin Bieber with Canadian artist, Daniel Cesar and American artist, Giveon. This was a song that came out in the springtime and made the perfect summer hit. This song makes a great vibe for a gathering with friends, because it’s slow, laidback, but still has a nice beat to it.
  4. The song “Butter” by BTS is a summer hit you must have on your playlist as well. BTS is a Korean Pop group that made its way into the American market a few years back and has been thriving ever since! “Butter” has a fresh and dance pop beat that makes you want to dance. This song will surely bring you and your friends!
  5. The song “Ay, Dios mío!” by Karol G is a song that also has to make it onto your playlist. This song didn’t have its big debut until Karol G released the album, KG0516. This song makes the perfect hit for your playlist because it has a great beat and is also a great mix to bring your English and Spanish friends together!

With these five songs added to your playlist, we have no doubt that you will enjoy the rest of the summer to the fullest. Here at Ola Lily, we know nothing makes up a great summer more than a cute bikini and a solid playlist! Now that you have your playlist, do you have your bikini yet? Head over to our collections page and lock in your next cute bikini today!

Also, let us know in the comments, which song above is not on your playlist yet?

Written by Dainiz Marin

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Oh and there’s a max of 5 plus instructor under normal circumstances, and 3 plus instructor in these covid times.

mark on Oct 02, 2021

Hi Lily, I just watched your vid on Day Skipper. Very good.
If you do any more courses though, go to Hamble School. It may be more expensive, but the boats are fully stocked with quality food, and there’s more than enough of it.
They also provide you with a proper wet weather dedicated sailing suit.



Mark on Oct 02, 2021

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