Have you ever considered the many places you could wear your bikini other than the beach? The beach can be our perfect escape and not the best experience in one trip. The sand that gets everywhere, the full day trip it causes for, and the uncontrollable amount of people that go, we understand why sometimes the beach isn’t your favorite place to go. 

For those of us who don’t live near the beach nor in a warm weather climate at all, buying a bikini doesn’t often come to mind. However, the beach isn’t the only time it’s necessary to bring out your bikini. There are several other occasions as well as climates where a bikini can be your best friend. That’s why we want to share with you five other activities other than the beach that will make you absolutely shine bright when you’re rocking your bikini

  1. The other most common activity that calls for a bikini other than the beach is the pool. The great thing about the pool is depending on your location you’re more likely to have one closer to you than the beach. The pool can be a great place to throw a party with friends or gather family for the holidays. There’s not a better time for you to wear your bikini. You can also wear your bikini to get a nice tan while at the pool.

  1. For those of us who are in much colder climates, a hot spring would be a great place to rock your bikini. Heading to a hot spring can be a fun activity to do on the weekend or in the evening. Something about being in warm water in freezing climates makes us feel so much more relaxed. A day at a hot spring can be a great experience if you’re traveling in the winter and looking for a peaceful environment.

  1. To expand on the other kinds of adventures where we enjoy fun activities while in our favorite bikini is a day a river or a lake. You can find these kinds of bodies of water almost anywhere. If you’re looking for something to do just for the day, a visit to a river or lake would be perfect. Nearby you can find activities including riverboarding, diving, canoeing, or kayaking. Perhaps you want to rock your bikini while you’re camping in the woods, being nearby a lake or river would make this possible. 

  1. Let’s not forget about fishing! A day out sailing on a boat is another great activity that calls for you to wear your bikini. Whether you prefer to stay dry or jump into the water, your bikini will come in handy as it will also become your best friend for tanning. Even if you’re on shore fishing, that is another great opportunity for you to wear your bikini. You never know what could happen and you end up in the water!

  1. The final and our favorite activity you can wear your bikini for is when you’re headed to a concert or a festival. Ever since the wave of going to festivals became more and more popular from the 90s spreading into the 2000s, we’ve learned that other than seeing and hearing their favorite artist, everyone’s favorite part about going to a festival is dressing up! Festival outfits are a great way to show off your personality and creativity! We have no doubt that a bikini would help you do that!

When you buy your bikini, we know that you cannot wait to wear it, especially if it’s from Ola Lily. Before you even buy it, you’re thinking of occasions where it will come in handy. Part of our mission here at Ola Lily is to make all women feel confident in their bikini as well as feel confident no matter what place they decide to wear their bikini to. With these five activities that we suggested, we are sure that you will never run out of places to wear your bikini

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Which activity where you can wear your bikini excites you the most? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Lillian Grau

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