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As a woman, we understand that sometimes we don’t feel 100% confident in our own skin. Maybe it’s the time of the year that your skin starts breaking out, or you gained a couple pounds after enjoying the holidays with family and friends, or could it be that you didn’t get the tan at the beach you were hoping for? Truth be told, we all run into issues sometimes that cause our confidence level to go down.

No matter what issue you have that’s causing you to feel a little insecure when it is time to show off your skin, Ola Lily wants to help you put the insecurity to rest and wake up your confidence, because we cannot wait to see you rock one of our cheeky fit or g-string bikinis with total confidence! That’s why we want to share with you four celebrities that wore a bikini with total confidence and didn’t worry about what anyone had to say about it!

  1. First up on the list is Kris Jenner! Known for role as a celebrity mom to the Kardashian and Jenner family, Kris Jenner is a 65 year old woman who still continues to wear a bikini when it’s time to be in the sun. She constantly faces criticism for her age and choices she decides to make at her age, but Jenner continues to wear a bikini with total confidence no matter what the tabloids have to say about her. 

  1. Next up is Tess Holliday! Because we love a woman that rocks a bikini with total confidence, no matter what her number weighs on a scale. Holliday is a famous plus size model who never stops advocating for body acceptance and female confidence. As a 264 pound supermodel, she continues to change the game for plus size women as she fights for women struggling with body image issues due to weight. 

  1. On the other hand, we have Zoe Kravitz! An American actress who stands up for body positivity no matter the body type. Although Kravitz is on the lighter weight side, she does face criticism when she wears a bikini for not being curvy enough. After being constantly told that curvy is the new trend and she doesn’t have enough curves to fit the desirable image, Kravitz has become an advocate for all body types.

  1. Finally, we have Nicki Minaj! She’s a famous singer and rapper and known for her very curvy body that often triggers talk in the media. Minaj is often referred to as the image of someone who has gone too far when it comes to plastic surgery as her body type constantly makes her the center of attention. Because of this, Minaj has never stopped mentioning in interviews how important body positivity is to her and how she hopes to inspire women to do what truly makes them feel happy. 

Our mission here at Ola Lily is to make you feel confident in your bikini no matter what body type you are. We hope pointing out how fabulous those 4 celebrities of different body types looked in a bikini would inspire you to wear your bikini with total confidence no matter what anyone has to say. This is your chance to show off how confident and beautiful you are and trust us, you’re not going to want to miss out on it.

Which one of the celebrities’ confidence did you love the most? Share with us in the comments!

Written by Dainiz Marin

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