Have you ever woken up and wondered, is it indispensable to love my body every second of the day? We live in the era of the so-called body positivity movement. It has gained a lot of popularity. 

They fill us with messages of self-love, and it leaves us with zero days not to be our number one fan. 

Here at Ola Lily, we know it's tough to love every inch of our body from Sunday to Monday. Yeah, we're aware of that little secret: sometimes you see your favorite bikini, and suddenly insecurities hit you, putting it on becomes a problem. But we have news for you: it's okay! 

That's what the body neutrality movement is all about, merging as a response to these constant messages of self-love that often feel a bit too toxic. 

It's all about seeking acceptance of your soul, affirming that you are much more than a body, and reminding you that your beauty resides in everything but the way you look.   

It also invites you to appreciate your body as it is, encouraging you to be grateful for all the things it gives you. You walk, observe, admire, feel, embrace, and enjoy life thanks to it.

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From affirmations such as "I am more than a body" and "how I feel has nothing to do with my appearance," body neutrality seeks to heal the wounds that the exhaustive search for self-love can generate.

We must speak the truth, and self-love is a constant and never-ending process. If we ignore the bad days, our goal will always be far away.

Let's change the word positivity for neutrality! When everything revolves around the body, loving us can be impossible because we are our toughest judges.

If we perceive ourselves as a whole, we will realize the extraordinary power in each of us.

So, what do you think of the body neutrality movement? Will you put it into practice? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dainiz Marin


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