Sometimes our fear is greater than our desire to dare. Dare to shine, to rebel, to wear whatever we want, to put on a bikini and go to the beach, to the festival, to the pool party. Sometimes our fear is greater than our desire to enjoy life in a bikini.

But… What is the reason for this tremendous terror of showing off our body? Since we were little we have been haunted by the image of the bikini body, with just the perfect amount of curves and the exact dose of toning spread throughout the body.

Here at Ola Lily we know how difficult it is to dare to break the standards, to swim against the current and expose our real body to the elements. Therefore, we will share a secret that will change your life forever...

Bodies change, grow, fill with stretch marks, marks and small wrinkles that only reflect how much we have enjoyed our days. Our bodies, like us, tell a story and although sometimes it fills us with vulnerability, exposing it is liberating!

We are our biggest critics, when we look in the mirror we only see the defects and we cannot see beyond a figure.

The reality is that we are brave women, whose beauty transcends beyond the body. With goals to achieve, places to visit, beaches to enjoy and people to hug.

Breaking the barrier with oneself seems impossible and accepting our body is seen as a very distant goal, but… we will always have ourselves on this long road.

One would think that a bikini is just one more piece, of course not! It is related to joy, tranquility, confidence and freedom. We have all always dreamed of the day we decide to put on a bikini and shine on our dream body.

Here's our secret: don't wait any longer! Putting on that bikini can change your life forever, you will realize the obvious; who makes it shine is you, since you came into the world your body is already worthy of wearing a bikini and going out to enjoy.

Now that you know, this is your summer! Feel the freedom with Ola Lily.

Written by Lillian Grau

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