We are immersed in autumn and that only means one thing, new trends for the last season of the year! If you want to know the trendy colors for gatherings, hot chocolate and brown leaves on the floor, stay on the blog!


In Ola Lily we always look for the best for our girls, so we took on the task of investigating what are the trending colors for autumn. So that you will know which bikinis and garments you can bring out the rest of the year. 


In addition, talking about trendy colors does not only imply fashion; according to Vogue, it also reflects diverse cultural interpretations of our society. As we reach inside into trends, we realized one thing: after a tragic 2020, vitality has returned!

 Next, you will realize why…

  • First, we have the color red. Many well-known brands such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors Collection have set their sights on this vibrant color for their upcoming collections. And of course! Red is a strong and imposing color, often a symbol of love and unification.

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  • To make the vibrancy a little more evident in this season, we have yellow. A color closely linked to optimism and luck. Even though it has a strong presence in the summer, brands like Versace, Prada and Marc Jacobs decided to break the rules and bring it back for the cold seasons. 
  • In 2021 we were able to appreciate lilac on various runways, resulting in tremendous success for multiple brands. From Gucci, Givenchy to Chanel and Balmain decided to extend the expiration date of this color.
  • Since pink is a very common color among wardrobes, it usually does not go out of style. But this autumn-winter, the most vibrant version of the color will be the feeling. Fuchsia combined with black took center stage and brands such as Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello and Chanel exalted it. Have you tried the red-fuchsia combination? Of envy!
  • Finally we have a pleasant surprise, the metallic colors, especially silver and gold. Both have appeared on various runways, it is not a coincidence, these colors represent money, luxury and happiness. Brands such as Michael Kors Collection, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello and Versace included them in their recent collections. 

What do you think of the new colors that are trending? Do you have a bikini with these colors? Leave us your comment!

Written by Dainiz Marin

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