The climate crisis is at one of the most defining moments in history. Now, everything we do in an attempt to reduce our waste and take care of the environment is very important.

From recycling garbage, reusing products and of course, wearing eco-friendly bikinis!

Have you thought that with a bikini you could help save the world? The Ola Lily 2022 collection came with many surprises and one of them is that they are sustainable swimsuits made with polyester from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition, during the digital printing process we never use water, thus, we significantly reduce the environmental impact caused by generating a garment.

But that's not all... in addition to recycling, in these times it is important to get the most out of the clothes we own. Why would you buy a bikini that will bore you after wearing it twice? Fortunately, our collection was made especially with you in mind.

That's why... the new bikinis are double side! If you buy one, it's actually two! And if you count the infinite combinations, it's going to be your best friend every single vacation!

If you are going on a trip to a hot place and want to sunbathe or simply want to reinvent your beach looks, this collection is for you! The fun will always be present in each new combination, you will feel freshness and freedom in each movement.

Since we started the brand, one of our main purposes was to create a bikini line that was friendly with the planet earth because it is the one that gives us our favorite moments and a little sun for the perfect tan lines.

The earth is life and we believe that it is time to give it back a little bit of what it has given us. If you too want to take action, this collection is for you.

Make a positive impact on the planet one Ola Lily at a time!

Written by Lillian Grau

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