Listen up ladies! You cannot continue to settle with the consequences of unsafely removing hair from the bikini area. It’s hurting our skin and it will slowly start to leave permanent marks. Let’s not forget about all the miserable things that come with not safely removing your hair from the bikini area. Dark spots, ingrown hairs, skin irritation, and the list of frightening things goes on! These are the last things you want to deal with especially if you have an upcoming vacation or event you need to remove hair from the bikini area for. 

Because it’s time that you feel confident in your bikini knowing that you’re perfectly shaved and nothing can stop you! We’re here to save you and help you reach that point of confidence with 4 tips to help you perfectly remove your hair from the bikini area.

  1. Use cream if you have sensitive skin to avoid burning, itching, and discomfort. Sensitive skin can be painful and it could be the main reason why you are struggling to come up with the perfect bikini area hair removal process. Sensitive skin is common and some of us are just born with it. Luckily, there are several solutions that help make the hair removal process less painful for those with sensitive skin. To find a cream that helps keep your skin from being irritated after hair removal, you want to find a cream best for exfoliating and dehydration, containing aloe vera or panethoal. 

  1. Treat your skin before and after removing hair from the bikini area. As much as we all wish the hair removal process could be quick fix, it does take time to do it safely and we encourage you to do so by treating your skin before by clearing your skin free from moisturizer, soaking your skin in warm water, and ensuring that your hairs are long enough to perform the hair removal method of your choice. It is also important to calm your skin after the hair removal procedure from the bikini area by using an all-natural moisturizer, applying a hair removal serum, and allowing the private area to have fresh air before putting on clothing.

  1. Use a razor that works well with your skin. Being the most affordable and convenient way to remove hair from the bikini area, shaving does have its disadvantages. If you choose to use a razor as your hair removal method, you want to ensure that you are not doing anything that causes your skin to have a reaction. When shaving, make sure you’re using shaving cream to protect your skin, shave in the direction your hair grows, shave lightly and with short strokes, and replace your razor often. 

  1. Seek alternative options if you are aware that your skin cannot handle shaving. Not everyone can use a razor on their skin and that is okay. If you know your skin does not react well to shaving, we advise you to stop and seek out alternative options for removing hair from the bikini area. Waxing and sugaring are other possible options that could work well for you! These are both safe and effective methods of removing hair from the bikini area that you can do at home or go to a professional to get done.

Yeah, we said it. The torture is over! With those four tips, you will surely be able to nail down the perfect bikini area hair removal procedure. This way you no longer have to deal with the pain or excessive skin marks that come with the aftermath of bikini area hair removal. And no matter if you’re preparing to wear your dream bikini or ready to wear your dream bikini, Ola Lily is here to help you stand out and feel beyond confident in your own skin! 

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Written by Dainiz Marin

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