Orquidea Waterproof scrunchie

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The Ola Lily orquidea hair ties are resistant to several water types including chlorine, salt, and freshwater. Whether you want to have some fun at the beach, the pool, by the lake, or even if you’re just wanting to put your hair up while exercising or showering, our hair ties are perfect for you!


Mix or match your waterproof scrunchies with your Ola Lily Bikini!


Lycras 78% polyester - 22% spandex


Can we tell you a secret?
With our bikinis you will always look spectacular, thanks to its special design that fits perfectly to every body type.
So don't think twice and get yours now.



We consider our bikinis an investment, so they are definitely worth  taking care of.

So, how do you take off your Ola Lily?


1.- Rinse & soak in cool water overnight.

2.- Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

3.- If washing is needed, hand wash your bikini in mild detergent with warm water.

4.- Hang your bikini in the shade/shower or lay flat to dry out direct sunlight.

Although our suits have been carefully constructed from the finest fabrics to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics , Ola Lily ( just like  any other swimwear) take special care. These bikini care steps help ensure a long bikini lifespan and more sunshine  adventures in your Ola Lily.